Men’s Automatic Hollow Student Waterproof Mechanical Watch

Men’s Automatic Hollow Student Waterproof Mechanical Watch


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Product information:

Product movement: fully automatic mechanical movement
Case material alloy
Strap material: belt/steel strap
Case thickness: 14mm
Dial diameter: 42mm
Strap width: 22mm
Special function: luminous, waterproof
The above data is for reference only, if there is any error, please refer to the actual product

1color: Color change-gold ring, black shell, black surface and black belt-main picture
2color: discoloration-black shell, gold ring, black surface and black steel belt
3color: Symphony-red mirror-all black gold circle silver movement steel belt-main picture
4color: discoloration-red mirror-all black gold movement all black steel belt
5color: discoloration-black gold machine silver shell black belt-hot sale
6color: Discoloration-All Black Gold Machine Black Steel Belt Hot Sale
7color: Color changing all black light gold machine black steel belt
8color: color change-black gold movement silver steel belt
9color: Discoloration-gold circle black shell coffee belt
10color: black surface gold machine black shell black steel belt
11color: black surface silver machine-silver shell black belt
12color: Color-changing coffee ring rose gold surface silver shell steel belt 1
13color:Silver shell white face black circle silver machine silver steel belt
14color:Silver shell white face black circle gold machine silver steel belt
15color: Black surface gold machine silver shell silver steel belt
16color: Black surface silver machine silver shell silver steel belt

Packing list :

Mechanical Watch*1

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 40 cm

5color, 3color, 7color, 8color, 9color, 14color, 2color, 12color, 4color, 6color, 1color, 16color, 10color, 11color, 13color, 15color


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